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Halverson 150 Firewood Processor


The HWP-150 features a hydraulic wedge and a longer grab arm that opens parallel to the log.  It cuts logs that are 20-22″ in diameter and it has more splitting force than the 140B.


-Comes standard with the 4-way wedge, but an optional 6-way wedge is available as an upgrade
-One man operation, with simple controls
-Cut and split firewood from the safety and comfort of the cab of your skid steer
-Mobile – take it to the woods, instead of bringing the wood to the splitter
-Quick attach / detach
-Process wood right into your truck or trailer

How will I know if the HWP-150 will work with my machine?
All of our processors are built to be compatible with many common skid steer brands and other equipment that use the universal attachment plate.  Here are some of the basic compatibility requirements that must be available on your skid steer to operate our processors:
– Case Drain
– Minimum 15 GPM flow rate (no more than 20)
– Minimum 2850 PSI

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